Moody Rum

New Forest Artisanal Rum

Moody Rum

The idea of Moody Rum was created back in 2016 by Mike Moody, who has forged a career in hospitality and stumbled across a glaring gap in the flavours of rum available to the general public.  So from here, Mike explored the depths and complexity of this incredible spirit steeped in hundreds of years of history, and along with working with some of the best mixologists and sommeliers, Moody Rum was born.

The passion Mike has for the manufacturing of this incredible spirit is shown by his personal involvement in producing every bottle and flavour of Moody Rum, ensuring each one is better than the last.  Due to this, the Moody Rum range is ever expanding and producing an unlimited range for all to try.

The personal touch is evident in the whole journey of manufacturing each and every bottle of Moody Rum, from Mike hand-making his own still, to sourcing the very best in New Forest Spring Waters and picking out the core ingredients. Even the botanicals we use to flavour our in house made premium white rum are only from the very best suppliers meaning they can be jarred and offered as cooking preserves.

Each bottle that leaves our small distillery is guaranteed to be of the very best quality and taste!